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elmwood rd in wellesley

New in 24/25 Stay & Play until 5:30pm

Veritas at Elmwood

where your child will develop a special kind of excitement and enthusiasm for life and learning.

Elmwood provides your child with a safe and secure environment, filled with love, kindness, and encouragement. As a preschool, we recognize the importance of each child being nurtured, understood, and valued. 

Elmwood has lovingly served local families for over four decades. Now in partnership with Veritas Christian Academy we will continue to offer the same Elmwood program known and loved in Wellesley, and expand to offer excellent Veritas programs. There is a place for your child at Elmwood.

play is learning

Become a part of the Elmwood Family

New Family Enrollment for 2023/24 is ongoing as space allows. 2024/25 Enrollment is now open.

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