Our Program



Our Program   


As stated earlier, Elmwood Christian Preschool is a play-based Christian preschool.  We offer a 3-year-old program (children can enroll as early as 2.9 months)  and a 4-year-old program. We will be offering a Transitional Kindergarten class in the Fall 2020.  

We have monthly curriculum themes which tie into our monthly Christian themes.  These themes are taught through games, art activities, songs, and play. Christian themes are woven into all of our activities as well as through Bible stories and songs. We say daily prayers at snack or lunchtime.

Children learn the most through modeled behavior. Our staff takes great pride in demonstrating caring and kindness toward the children and one another.  

In addition to our regular curriculum, Elmwood Christian Preschool provides special enrichment experiences throughout the school year. Throughout each month, children enjoy science programs, sport and yoga classes, and other special performers. We also have a weekly music classes as well as a weekly Sign Language class.  Our Transitional Kindergarten class will have a weekly Latin and Greek Roots Curricululm that will help to assist and develop the children's emerging literacy skills. 

During the Stay Day Program, offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2:30 p.m., children can eat lunch together and enjoy additional time learning and exploring at the various centers in the classrooms.